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Interested in our scaffolding services? Want to find out more about what we can do for you? Here at FJH Scaffolding LTD, we are a family run business operating throughout the Bristol area and supplying reliable, trustworthy and efficient scaffolding services. Our team of scaffolders have been in the industry for over 27 years, learning and developing their trade, coming up against a wide range of different problems and overcoming every one with incredible results.

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Why Choose US?

At FJH Scaffolding Ltd we are ready and waiting to rise to any scaffolding project that you could have in mind. Have a look through a few of the reasons why we should be your first and only choice for scaffolding erection in the Bristol area.

Bespoke Scaffolding Design

Here at FJH Scaffolding, our team experts are highly trained and experienced to design a scaffolding system to fit your project needs. All of our projects begin with a detailed consultation, looking at any building plans you may have and gathering an idea of what you are looking to do for the project. During this stage we will ask you questions and find out the specifics of the projects as well as offer you our expert advice.

After this, our team will carry out the planning and designing stage, making sure our system will meet your needs and will make your entire project run as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Health & Safety Checks

All of our projects come with a full health & safety inspection and risk assessment analysis. In these checks we will put methods in place to prevent any dangers or accidents from occurring and as well as measures to help keep everyone safe if the worst should happen.

Once our team has erected the scaffolding, they will carry out a range of tests and checks making sure every nut and bolt is as tight as it can be and every platform is level and as safe as possible.

We will put your mind at ease.

Fully insured

At FJH Scaffolding Ltd we want to make sure that you are as confident and comfortable as possible with our service. Our team are fully insured; this means if the worst should happen and damage was caused to your property by our scaffolding system, we are covered and insured to put everything right.

Qualified Scaffolders

All of our professionals have been highly trained and qualified to erect and check all scaffolding systems. At FJH Scaffolding LTD we provide all of our scaffolders with the knowledge they need to make sure all of our scaffolding erections are as safe and secure as possible.

Reliable & Dependable

Here at FJH Scaffolding LTD we always provide our customers with an efficient and reliable service. Working around your project, we will stick to any deadline and schedule you to have in place, ensuring the scaffolding is up and ready for you to start and dismantling it and cleaning the worksite when you no longer need it.

At the start of all of our projects, we will discuss with you the time frame and do everything we can to meet this.


What We Do

At FJH Scaffolding Ltd we can provide you with a wide range of different scaffolding solutions for a variety of situations and projects.

  • Scaffolding Tower
  • Temporary Roofs
  • Painting & Decorating
  • New Roofs
  • Loft Conversions
  • Birdcage Scaffolding
  • New Builds
  • Access Ramps
  • Much More...

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